The translation of internet terms and the computer often left the difficulty personally for the linguists was caused by computer knowledge and the internet was new technology that continually developed and created new terms that beforehand had not been known in linguistic knowledge. Because of that not rare the direct translation of a term was felt awkward to be said and written. For example the term cookie was felt awkward when being translated into 'bread' in Indonesian. Translators must try as loyally as possible with his original meaning by not making term correspondence that will not be used by the users who were used to it with the term in the other language. Many of the terms the internet and the computer that had the history long that made the meaning words actually bolted, for example was the names of the famous make that often took from the language vocabulary where this company was. Therefore, terms that have been mixed with culture and the history of a nation will increasingly be difficult to be translated in the culture that completely did not differ and have the history of the internet and the computer that were the same the length. For example in this case was the term desktop in no way had his relations with the 'table' or the 'surface' in Indonesian. Pay attention to that not all the terms in this articl

Tips prevented the Virus Infection going through USB FlashDisk

At the time of us would plugin USB FlashDisk, right before put USB FlashDisk inside port USB, pressed the SHIFT switch, then put this USB FlashDisk permanently pressed the switch shift for 8-10 seconds.

When the system carried out the installation driver for this USB FlashDisk, pressed continued until the process of the installation was finished (usually baloon popup emerged), and pressed continues till several seconds again for the older machine usually to need longer time. A Dialog Box will possibly emerge (for the XP operation system), that gave information concerning fitur FilterKey. Don't worry... this was fitur accessibility for people who needed him. We could disable fitur this to not emerge still went through Control Panel > Accessibility Options. You know what to do. . . This technique in fact was to deactivate fitur autorun.inf that usually is met in CD the presentation, company profile or software the installation driver. And fitur this *** that usually is used by the manufacturers of the virus to spread

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Maximised browser

1. Used browser that was fast in mendownload the Web page. The recommendation: Firefox + plugin Fasterfox.

2. If you only wanted to look for information that his characteristics tekstual, disable fitur put forward images from browser, so as browser would not mendownload and put forward images this. Therefore, the data that was accepted would jauuuh more frugal.
3. Used fitur "Work Offline" if you will read a Web page in time that for quite a long time, as a result fitur car-refresh from this Web page (if being available) will not work.


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Tips Deadly Auto-update

You definitely not want to if your pulse suddenly was finished because windows did car-apdate with mendowload millions byte in fact you did not want him.

1. From control the panel was opened automatic update, then chose "Notify me boots do the note automatically download or install them". Therefore, the connection that was carried out windows (svchost -- this must allowed by firewall) only will check whether our system necessary diupdate or not. If evidently quite important to diupdate, recorded link him then download ditempat other.
2. Turn off fitur the car update in browser. Pda Firefox, you could find in tools ->options -> advanced -> update.

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The trick To speed up Mozilla Firefox

If you wanted to speed up Mozilla Firefox you could be done by means of like along with:

1. Typed “about:config” in firefox you afterwards enter
2. Then will go out of one settingan to tweaking firefox
3. To change him, clicked 2 times and put the data perubahannya
4. If the data was supervised was not gotten in settingan default firefox, the right clique chose New. For the data took the form of the figure, chose Integer, to true/false chose Boolean.

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Tips Handle Memory died

1. Clear memory with a rub-pin pin memory with the purpose of cleaning cloth, may also give Tiner in a little more to clean from dust, and friction with the cloth will also provoke ion-ion on the pin memory tersimulasi that konduktornya become more active.

2. Navigate Avometer on the Ohm scale (scale to measure the barrier), may be in a position free of 1K, 10K, 100K ...

3. Take the needle negative (-) Avometer (black cable) and paste in one of the pins / memory foot, needle and positive (red cable) to the friction on the set of foot-leg IC / chipset memory, when memory has 8 pieces such as the IC friction needle (+) to the foot-IC is 8 feet.

4. Done .... please try to install memory on the Mainboard slotnya ....!

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